How To Fund Your Care

Christine Anthoney
13th July 2017

How To Fund Your Care

Extrahandcare Services is aware of the funding issues which can arise when considering social care support. It is important that independent financial advice is obtained before any care packages or agreements are considered.

You may have worries about the costs involved in getting care and support at home, but if you have been assessed as needing care, financial assessment will be carried out to see how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of services, while still having enough money to live on.

Your local authority should be your first information source and can signpost you to various organisations which can assist you, your family or a representative acting on your behalf. All social care support is means tested and the criteria is set annually by the Parliament, although the assessment of need is completed by your local authority.

If you’re not entitled to financial assistance from the council, you’ll have to fund your own care. However, you can still seek advice from your local social services department about how best to meet your needs.